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translation needed

Article about: need help with this translation thanks john

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    need help with this translation
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture translation needed   translation needed  

    translation needed   translation needed  

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    It looks like someone has requested Erkennungsmarke info from WASt Dienst, it required to be paid 16 eur fees.
    The paper show the promotoions and place of his service, also there is written that the personal documends are missed, most probably during the war. The persone has been alive the war, and last informatino that his residence was known in 1955 year. Address is followed in the copy above. All other important translations would be given by our German speaking members

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    The letter starts out by saying that most of the documentation is lost, due to destruction in the war. The only information they have is given.

    The letters state that the soldier you were inquiring about, Walter Mueller, was born in Grop Tychow in 1920.
    Next follows his ID number details.
    Next are the known Luftwaffe units he was attached to, including his basic training flying group (Reg 31) and his Kampfgeschwader unit.
    Next is any POW status, in his case unknown.
    Rank details follow; Gefreiter 1940, Unteroffizier 1942

    Page 2 states that he survived the chaos of the war and settled in lower Bavaria, last known address (1955) is given.

    The final two sheets set out the fees payable for the service given, also a longer passage about the a German government ruling of 2001 concerning fees payable and whom too. Bank details are given for paying money via bank transfers. The longer passage states that the WASt may be able to provide further information, but you need to pay the said fees first before getting a reply.

    PS I think it is safer if you cover up your home address, you don't know who is on this site and I for one wouldn't take a chance.

    Anyway, this 'ol former NCer says 'Hi' to the Georgia peaches!!

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