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USFGR With Germans During Barbarrosa?

Article about: Okay history buffs, here's one for you. What was an American group called the USFGR doing with the German 7th Panzer Division during Operation Barbarossa? Might they have been merely observe

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    The various US vehicles shown didn't exist in that form in 1941-that's a bit of a clue as well...

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    Still, does anybody know exactly just what "USFGR" means? I haven't been able to find anything on the meaning of this acronym.

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    Andreas: I too am unable to find anything on an organization identified as USFGR. I just sent an inquiry to the U. S. Army Military Institute at Carlisle Barracks, PA asking them for information. Unfortunately their in-house email system has no provision for sending photos, so I did my best to describe the people and the vehicles, and I provided the bumper numbers, USFGR + 8168 LSC 35. The left bumper numbers are a tad hard to read, but I think I am close enough for government work. I know the LSC is correct anyway. So now it's a matter of wait and see what they have to offer. Dwight

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    I think the USFGR is an acronym for United States Forces Germany...
    cheers, Glenn

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    That would be my best guess too Glenn.
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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    I think the USFGR is an acronym for United States Forces Germany...
    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    That would be my best guess too Glenn.
    I'll go along with that theory. Here's a bit of circumstancial evidence supporting it: A Military Police Jeep on display at the Austrian Army Museum in Vienna with a "USFA" marking on the bumper. The info plaque by the display identified this as the abbreviation for "United States Forces Austria". It stands to reason that an equivalent abbreviation would have been used for the troops stationed in Germany.

    USFGR With Germans During Barbarrosa?

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