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Volkssturm:fighting with muskets and crossbows taken from museums...did this happen? Plus a few other questions.

Article about: I'm trying to learn every detail I can about Nazi Germany. I was studying into the Volkssturm a good bit, which is a very interesting area to me. The wikipedia article at Volkssturm - Wikipe

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    Look forward to seeing it.

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    Often they were handed a single Panzerfaust and sent to the front, or they were issued foreign rifles with limited ammunition...Shotguns and hunting rifles were used as well...I've never heard about Muzzle-loaders/Crossbows being used, and I have my doubts...
    In March, 1945, after US Forces crossed the Rhein, Ortsgruppenleiter Gruenewald of Lampertheim (my mother's hometown) urged the women to pour boiling water down on the Americans from the upper floors...They wisely ignored that idea!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Yeah, some of those 'Golden Pheasents' were adamant on resistance to the extreme.
    Karl Hanke in his capacity of 'Kampfkommandant' of Breslau being one of them.
    This of course didnt prevent him from fleeing the city in a Fieseler Storch right just prior to the surrender.

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    In 1965, a U S Army veteran gave me a sword he took off an elderly Volksturm man. It was a U S Civil War era cavalry saber!


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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    In 1965, a U S Army veteran gave me a sword he took off an elderly Volksturm man. It was a U S Civil War era cavalry saber!
    Wow, great story there. I can only hope to own such a historic piece some day. Makes me wish I knew the story behind my pieces, can only ever speculate.

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    Quote by KMMorris View Post
    Some examples of the last ditch firearms
    Just watched a video about the VG1 on YouTube. Very interesting to see what they tried so hard to do in the closing days of war. I like those Volkssturm firearms, would love to own one some day.

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    If you want to see what desperation looks like, try studying the British LDV/Homeguard in 1940-they were literally taking weapons from museums and drilling with broomsticks and for improvised weapons see the Smith gun and Northover Projector...

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    Not to mention the Blacker Bombard.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice photos!

    Some crazy stuff, those reminds me the air to ground rockets that were installed on Hawker Typhoon and Tempest.

    Thank you for sharing.


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    Agreed. Similar to the bulbous design of those.

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