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Volkssturm:fighting with muskets and crossbows taken from museums...did this happen? Plus a few other questions.

Article about: I'm trying to learn every detail I can about Nazi Germany. I was studying into the Volkssturm a good bit, which is a very interesting area to me. The wikipedia article at Volkssturm - Wikipe

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    This will have to tide you over, until you are able to do so, Ade................., or is posting this link cruel and unusual punishment

    Innovative firearm in any event.
    That's the exact video I watched. Unfortunately I'll never be able to own such a high dollar item. I'm one of those types of people who earns just enough to live, barely eat cheap food, and pay cheap rent, but unable to afford or pay for further education. I was only able to afford my NSDAP flag and Volkssturm armband because I got lucky. Borrowed 200 to buy some old Confederate states Civil War paper money at a flea market, which I immediately sold for 360. Paid back the person I owed and spent the profit on the two pieces.

    But hey thanks for the link, I enjoy learning about this!
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