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When was this "Rexist" patch used?

Article about: Was this "Rexist" patch officially issued and used?

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    Default When was this "Rexist" patch used?

    Was this "Rexist" patch officially issued and used?

    When was this "Rexist" patch used?
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    I have looked through the book For Rex and Belgium, by Eddy de Bryne and Marc Rikmenspoel which shows that whenever a national shield was worn by Belgian Walloon volunteers in the Heer or the Waffen SS, they wore a tricolour in the Belgian national colours. The Cross of Burgundy was used on flags and as the unit symbol on vehicles. It also seems to have been used as a collar patch on a few occasions instead of the usual SS runes: the authors state: '... the Burgundy Cross collar patch. Issued officially it was soon forbidden and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.' (p. 242) They include two photographs which clearly show the collar patch in use.

    Perhaps this is a fantasy item?



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    These "Cross of Burgundy" armshields are a bit of a mystery.

    One such shield (credited to Bob Hritz) appears in John R. Angolia's Cloth Insignia of the SS (1983) and another one (credited to the Forman collection) is seen in Vol. II of David Littlejohn's Foreign Legions of the Third Reich (1987).

    Both authors believed them to be projected patterns for the SS' Wallonien Division.

    No photographs of these sleeve shields in wear are known and neither is any period documentation.

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    from a belgian collector, I heard that this armshied is very late war and was produced to replace the armshield wallonie, but never wear by the legion. DRK wallonie would wear this armshield.

    regards, hughes

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