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Winter reading coming up soon...

Article about: Research, research, research... and you invariably learn about books you should read and although I usually go for books that are almost vintage already (I need to pickup an original copy of

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    Well that is about the cheapest I have heard of. Whatever ya decide this is one of the best. Facing certain death, frozen, fighting off T-34s and then having to swim across that frozen river!! Anyway glad ya found Ostkrieg. Well worth the read.

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    I didn't get it yet, but I'll keep my eyes open. It looks like it has great resale value, so if you buy it you'll get all your money back. Problem is I get attached to books, I probably wouldn't sell it, hell I might never get around to reading it ;-) The lowest eBay price right now is $55 shipped, so $36 isn't a bad deal. Prices up to $100 are not uncommon, and more for a 1st edition.

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