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WWII tank talk!:):):):)

Article about: I thought I could start a disscussion about soviet, rusian, german, and british tanks. "Trivia of the day!"-did you know that in WWII the germans used captured soldiers as workers

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    My father told me he was served by German POW's in the chow hall after he returned from the Pacific after VJ day. There were several POW camps here in Texas. It would be interesting to find out how much sabotage hurt German production.

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    Quote by StuG III View Post
    I was under the impression that German POWs were sent from England to Canada, not USA?? Regards Thomas
    There was a German PW camp at Camp Beale, now Beale Air Force base, which is where my Grandfather was sent after being captured in North Africa/ Sicily/ Sourthern Italy. I never met him so I just go from family legend.

    List of POW camps in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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