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Canít find any info on the recipient of this Leningrad medal l?

Article about: Hi everyone. I recently acquired a defense of Leningrad medal with the original award document with it from someone who approached me online. Iím really happy with my items, and Iíve decided

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    Default Canít find any info on the recipient of this Leningrad medal l?

    Hi everyone. I recently acquired a defense of Leningrad medal with the original award document with it from someone who approached me online. I’m really happy with my items, and I’ve decided that I’d try and do some research on the person who received this award, so I tried searching on Pamyat Naroda and proving Naroda to no luck. I put in his last, first, and patronymic name and his rank (which is quite unique, since he was a “Военюрист“ 3rd class- which was basically a warlord) in the search and nothing popped up in both sites. I tried searching online by putting his full name and rank and just searching it online, and still got nothing. If anyone can help lead me towards the right direction regarding research. Thanks.

    I will post pictures of the award and document below:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2A8A677F-1378-4FF5-A6D8-22D72A4FB715.jpg 
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Name:	C587F316-D641-4E17-BB3B-8ABE3B23B8AC.jpg 
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Name:	B4E20EE3-76B3-4351-BDA6-A03A507D67EA.jpg 
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    I don’t know why the pictures duplicated?? I edited the post to fix the pictures and then when I submitted again they duplicated still sideways.

    Edit: Fixed

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    Nicely worn medal!

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    For those who are wondering, His name in English is Somov Alexander Petrovich (Russian: Сомов Александр Петрович). Any help with research would be greatly appreciated.
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    To be honest, I have a funny feeling about this document... Could you possibly upload sharper scans of it (both sides), please.
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    Indeed, I too suspect an authentic blank later issued document (circa 1980?, 15 ribbons), forged, artificially aged, and paired with a well worn medal, hence the nonexistence of any verifying documentation in the archive. Period issued examples have the "No." preceding the serial number of the document, whereas the later variations of the document do not.
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    Glad you guys have the same opinion on the document. I from the start felt it was an artificially aged document but wasn't sure, hence no comment from me in my previous post where I only gave opinion on the medal itself. I have seen many German documents aged in the same way when I still collected German militaria. I didn't even notice the amount of ribbons but it was the way the document is covered in these stains which made the alarms bells ring. Notice how first the document is stained and only then the handwriting is added.

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    Hi everyone. I have taken scans of the front and back of the document. Hopefully, this helps. I also had my doubts about the document, but I still loved the Leningrad medal because you can tell it has been through a lot. Also, what do you guys mean by the "ribbons"?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LeningradMedal.jpg 
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Name:	LeningradMedalBack.jpg 
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ID:	1327455

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    The ribbons in the seal of the Soviet Union. Here there are 15 depicted, which only was used since 1956 and the document is signed 1943. It should have 11 ribbons instead.
    Here's a link to easily identify the seals (scroll down to Gallery): State Emblem of the Soviet Union - Wikipedia

    Furthermore I believe, and those with more experience than me should please correct me where necessary, the 1943 awarded medals came with documents where the year 1943 was printed. The documents with only printed 194_ are a later variation, post 1944.

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