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Crashed Il-2 Sturmovik radio

Article about: Hereby I wanna show my radio supposedly taken from a crashed Il-2 Sturmovik, crashed near Gdanks in march 1945, also shown in the aviation section of this forum. I usually don't collect reli

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    Thanks a lot for the time you put into this, it is much appreciated! I contacted the website where I bought this relic for a more precise location, possibly with pictures of the dig/wreckage.
    I did hear about that Pe-2 wreckage near Vistula river. Some pics are online somewhere if I remember well.

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    There are a lot of pics from that actually. Whole thing was very loud and now wreck is in exhibition in Vistula river’s museum in Wyszogród. Due to wet ground all these elements weren’t rusty at all. I was there during a official recovery and when pilot’s side weapons were found, still in holsters.

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    Quote by Marcel Banziger View Post
    So this is the complete module, including transmitter and power supply as seen below? If yes, than it is definitely belonging to a heavy bomber because it is just too bulky to be put in any other plane I guess. A Pe-2 was still too small I would assume?
    Attachment 1284941
    I am actually not 100% sure what that module in the top-right (standing on top of receiver US-1 such as yours).
    But mind, that these module didn't have to be placed together. They could be separated and connected with cables. Like here is the schematics of placement in Pe-2 aircraft inside the navigator's compartment.
    On this diagram, 2 different receivers are displayed as possible installation: US-1 and US-3.
    Crashed Il-2 Sturmovik radio
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    Wow. That is a very interesting schematic drawing! Thanks a lot for bringing this to attention!

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    Got a reply from the seller. His diggers won't tell the exact location except that it is a bit west of Gdansk. They wanna keep the digsite secret. This receiver was found among many identified Il-2 parts, according to the diggers. That's all info I received...which is basically nothing since this way no historical research can be done to find out which plane and from which unit etc it can be. A pity.

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