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photograph help needed

Article about: i found this picture in a ww2 book recently, im intrigued by the weapons used ,it states of winter 41/42 but they look to be automatic klashnikov 47 ,now i know these were designed in the la

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    Default photograph help needed

    i found this picture in a ww2 book recently, im intrigued by the weapons used ,it states of winter 41/42 but they look to be automatic klashnikov 47 ,now i know these were designed in the last year of ww2 1945 but not fully introduced untill 1947 ,could the book be wrong or is it a similar looking soviet rifle ,any help appreciated photograph help neededphotograph help needed

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    Interesting James I know nothing all about this so it will be interesting to see what the lads have to say!! Cheers Terry.

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    My suggestion is a mistake in the book. You are right about the dates and I have never seen any wartime image of the AK47 in use.

    I expect the editors or whoever researched the book and selected images found a stock image of Soviet tanks and military in the snow and didn't go any further into researching whether the image was correct for the period they have captioned it as.

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    thanks for your thoughts adrian ,it was a bit of a puzzler ,no harm in asking cheers james

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    I'm not a Soviet type of person so I expect some of the others who specialise in this area might well give you more information or suggestions.

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    thanks adrian ,im with you on this one ,your answer is most valid as ive never seen evidence of this model assault rifle used during ww2 either ,i just wanted to be sure it wasnt field trialled any earlier than we know of ,allthough i would think 41/42 would be pushing it a bit ,plus the fact they have all been issued the same rifle ,its amazing how many discrepancies you find when you look close enough in these history books , thanks again james

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    If you scan it and search with the photo on Google, then I think you can find the photo with original caption online.

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    The Soviets were well known for recreating historical events long after they took place, so perhaps this is one of those instances. And then poor researchers for the photo's for the book as someone else suggested. The recent series on WWI on the BBC keeps showing images of British troops in Tommy helmets while discussing events that happened prior to their introduction, very irritating.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    A simple mistake.
    Its a post-war pic.
    (Without knowing the ID of the book/author(s)) I suggest, that maybe they/he/she might not have all that much 'gun knowledge.' Maybe they didnt care that much and simply slapped a caption on a pic, that seemed to suit the author's need.
    A further indicator, that the author might not be that much into guns or know that much about them, is that they slap the moniker of 'sub-machine' gun on the rifle in the pic.
    Its an automatic rifle or if you will an 'assault rifle.'
    It is not and can never be a 'sub-machine gun.'

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    The AK47 was introduced into active service with selected units in 1948 and was officially accepted in 1949!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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