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Visiting Chernobyl

Article about: Did anyone else dare to go there yet or am I still the craziest WRF member? Here is the full minute of video we shoot... : Wish we h

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    The antennae array you refer to is not for radar, but is a radio signal interception array. It has limited directionality, but it allows the operators to listen to, and conduct direction finding on the origin of the signal.

    I would love to see the building where the radio signals where received, and monitored.


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    Very interesting. Tragic what happened. It's like a time travel to go there.

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    Undug SS positions, Interesting

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    The little yellow device is a radiation counter.

    Here is the "little souvenir" i brought back from Chernobyl... It's forbidden to bring something out because it might contain radiation, but i scanned it before with my radiation counter and put it under the battery in my cellphone

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    I read "Wolves Eat Dogs" a detective novel by Martin Cruz Smith a while back, a large part of the book is set in Chernobyl. your photos complement the book well.

    Wolves Eat Dogs - Martin Cruz Smith

    Wolves Eat Dogs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thanks for sharing those photographs. They have an eerie, post-apocalyptic atmosphere to them, especially the rusting boats, the pile of discarded NBC-masks and the rusting, overgrown bumper-car rink. Somehow, the latter, with its image of nature taking back man's creation, also has an odd beauty.

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    Fantastic photos. Reminds me of the History Channels "life after people series" .Thanks for posting. Best regards, Rich

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    Very interesting photos. Deserted places have always held a facination with me, to visit an entire city reduced to a 'ghost town' would be amazing- especially one frozen in the Soviet era. The tragedy that reduced Pripyat to what it is today has interested me for a long time also, it seems somewhat surreal.

    Also, 12th photo down from the top... that graffiti; it's the name and logo of my favourite band, something I definitely didn't expect to see here. Very strange. Seeing that was one of those 'double-take' moments, as to be honest hardly anyone I know even knows of them.


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    On one of the other sites, are pictures from the Pripyat train yard. Entire trains, all made up, just sitting there rotting away. Locomotives sitting as if the humans just disappeared, leaving them running, until the fuel was gone. Very much like the History Channel series.

    Wish I could find them at the moment.


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    Here is a link to a photo set from Chernobyl.

    English Russia Chernobyl Today

    Below the pictures are links to several other sets of pictures.


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