My grandfather served with the 2nd Bn Royal Warwickshire from early 1944 to 1946 when he was finally demob'd. He landed on Sword Beach on June 6th and fought all the way through to Bremen reaching the rank of Sgt.

Now I have the units war diary up until Aug '44 and a few of his photographs, but I've visited the Regt museum and frankly they're not much use.

I've visited Normandy on many occasions and my last trip there in Apr saw me trace the route the Bn took for the first three days on the invasion.

Really what I'm after is any photos, accounts etc that any of you may have of the 2nd Bn Royal Warwicks as my plan is to re-write that part of their history as currently apart from a book written in the 1950's very little else has been documented.

If any of you can help it will be most appreciated