Hello I have a black and white zerox copy of the WW-2 USAAF 3rd Fighter Squadron (Commando) of the 3rd Group, I am seeking the proper colors to this emblem, I am not able topost the design, but it depicts a human skull (large) centered in a round background, behind the skull going from right to left a large lighting bolt and below thr jaw and behind skull a 50 Caliber machine gun facing foward with a trailing ammo belt and firing rounds one/two of which are going outside of the background.
The skull has cracks in it and the eye sockets that are lightning bolt shaped also .

I would greatly appreciate anyones help on the colors to this emblem, I have contacted several Air Commando sites and various people from the Group but so far no colors to it, it was used I believe as either a base sign and or patch, if you know of this one Please contact me, I thank you VERY much for your time and efforts and look forward to your replies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!