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Article about: Not sure if anyone is aware but there is a petition campaign to award Audie Murphy, the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom. This is the highest civilian honor in America. The nomination is n

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    Not sure if anyone is aware but there is a petition campaign to award Audie Murphy, the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom. This is the highest civilian honor in America. The nomination is not based upon his WWII heroism or his Hollywood career but rather for his efforts as a pioneer in PTSD awareness.

    Thus far; former Secretaries of Defense, Service Secretaries, four of the six living former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and elected and appointed politicians have endorsed the petition. In addition, our signatories include fifty-two of the current seventy-seven living recipients of the Medal of Honor, previous recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Apollo moon walkers, journalists, entertainers, actors, and numerous best-selling authors. Most recently, by joint letter both chambers of the Legislature of the State of Texas endorsed our petition as well. Finally, sixty-five living retired four star flag and general officers representing all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces have endorsed the petition also. Each of these VIP's have hand-signed the petition.

    To read the narrative and sign the electronic version of the petition just click here:

    Petition Presidential Medal of Freedom Petition for Audie Leon Murphy

    To view a video of the many distinguished VIP's who have signed the petition, click here:

    Thank you!

    Executive Administrator
    Audie Murphy Pres. Medal of Freedom Petition Campaign

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    It will be nice to see him get it.
    lately looks like the people getting it are friend of the president not people that should get it.

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    but then again, Patton died in a car wreck,
    The sad thing about "blood & guts" was that he died as a result of a low speed , survivable car accident. Patton ( no seat belts back then ) slid off the back seat and broke his neck and was paralyzed. He died from pulmonary edema & heart failure 12 days later.

    Reportedly he is quoted as saying " this is a hell of a way for a soldier to die" ........
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Quote by lithgow View Post
    Are no bars awarded for the CMO or has no one actually qualified twice as of yet?
    Your question got me curious, so I looked into it and much to my surprise, I do stand corrected! At present, there are nineteen double recipients! I can't even Imagine what it must take to win the CMH Twice! So, apparently, rather than add a bar or oakleaf, etc to your existing award, they simply hang a Second one around your neck! I can picture the wearer of 2 CMH's walking down the street and seeing all the people open up like the Red Sea parting as he strolls past!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Audie Leon Murphie was born about 10 miles from where I live(Kingston, Hunt Co. Tx.)). He enlisted in the US Army after being turned down by the Navy and Marines, (An aside. up until the late 70's I believe, whenever young men got in trouble when you went before a judge we were told "enlist in the Army" or go to jail, I chose the Army because I had already gotten my draft notice) Audie Murphie served for 3 years and was in fact the most decorated soldier in the second world war, this included 5 medals awarded to him by the Belgian and French as I recall. The recruiting office where he enlisted in Greenville Texas has been left the same as the day he enlisted, I was in that office a few weeks ago it is not open to the public and no special treatment of the room is just happens to be kept the way it was when he enlisted, it's quite dusty but not overly dirty, even has a small brass ? fan on the wooden desk where he enlisted. This BTW is in the old main post office in downtown Greenville, down in the basement on Lee street. One other tihing, the Audie Murphie Museum is about 6-7 blocks from my house, there are a number of his uniforms in the museum as well as all kinds of WW II armaments and uniforms, it is on interstate 30 heading toward Dallas. Not many locals visit the museum but lots of passerbys on the interstate turn around and visit it. If you visit Texas just remember we gage traveling time by how long it takes to reach an area or town for example El Paso is about 18 hours by car from Greenville.

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    Audie Murphy was and is still one of my heroes. I still watch To hell and back when ever I can. Another soldier does give him a run for his money on medals Tech. Sgt. Llewellyn Chilson. Gary

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    My hats off too all that have served and those who currently serve. But the greatest honor goes to the ones who paid the ultimate price and did not come home. I respect LT. Murphy and plan to take my son a visit his grave in Washington. He was a very humble man that was truly troubled by the war. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    I see the effects of war everytime I go to the VA.The hoops that the American veteran has to jump through are disgraceful to say the least, my thought is that before you can be a counselor or grantor of a ptsd rating you should have been a veteran in the particular combat zone for which the rating is being applied for, at the very least one should have served in that particular time period so that they at least have an idea what it was like. A 40 year old counselor has no idea what military service was like during the 60's. Yes, I agree, the only heros are the ones that are eternally young.

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