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Britain. On this Day in 1940

Article about: 5th September 1940. London has its longest night alert so far, seven and a half hours.

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    Default Britain. On this Day in 1940

    5th September 1940.

    London has its longest night alert so far, seven and a half hours.

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    6th September 1940

    German bombing raids on port installations on the south coast elicits the Yellow invasion alarm. Probable attack within 3 days.

    The RAF bombs Berlin in a 2 hour night raid

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    7th September 1940

    Commencement of the London Blitz at 5.00pm
    300 German bombers escorted by 600 fighters, drop 337 tons of bombs in London, the principle targets being Woolwich Arsenal and the docks areas, but also indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets.
    Huge fires are caused, 306 killed, 1,337 seriously injured.
    At 8.07pm British GHQ issues the code-word “Cromwell” to East and Southern commands, which means, “Probable invasion of Great Britain with 24 hours"

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    8th September 1940

    During the night hours, 200 bombers of the 3rd Luftflotte attack and bomb electricity power stations and railway lines over London

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    9th September 1940

    More air raids on London. The Luftwaffe lose 28 aircraft during the attacks, the RAF lose 19 fighters.

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    10th September 1940

    Council of War in Berlin. Since RAF resistance continues and British fighters are still so effective that is is impossible to guarantee a landing on the coasts of Britain except by surprise, the starting date of Operation Sealion is put back to the 14th September The Luftwaffe still has a few days to silence the mighty RAF

    Further raids continue by the RAF on Berlin

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    11th September 1940

    Buckingham Palace is damaged in an Air Raid by the Luftwaffe

    The Italian offensive in Egypt begins

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    12th and 13th September 1940

    Reduced air attacks due to bad weather conditions

    Italian forces cross the Egyptian borders

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    14th September 1940.

    X-Day for Operation Sealion is postponed until 17th September, which means putting off the landing itself to 27th September, since the Kriegsmarine needs 10 days to prepare and co-ordinate their actions. 27th September is the last day in September on which the tides will be suitable for a landing

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    15th September 1940

    The Day of Days !

    German bombers fly over London all day and night, the destruction is catastrophic, but does not include any essential war sites.

    Other Luftwaffe formations make their way for Southampton, seeking to destroy the city's Sea Plane installations, but are met with sustained and violent Ant-Aircraft fire.

    Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester are also attacked during the night.

    The Germans, who have thrown 230 bomber aircraft and 700 fighter aircraft into the fray, they lose 56 confirmed ( original RAF claim 185 )

    The RAF lose 23 aircraft

    Thus, the day on which Goering had claimed the RAF would be eliminated, has ended in a British victory !!!
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