I must have mislaid the copies of the crash report which I had as have hunted high and low and cant find them anywhere. There certainly wasn't anything sinister in the cause of the crash as there were some witnesses. It would appear the loss of this aircraft was again due to the highly temperamental Allison engines which did not seem to like our weather conditions here in the UK and looking into similar reports they also had a tendency to explode amongst a host of other technical problems. No other aircraft or object was in the sky at the time of this accident and witnesses saw the aircraft take off then turn around as if attempting to return to the airfield then the aircraft overbanked and dived into ground after an apparent loud bang-hence engine explosion. An RAF Officer was in a taxi on a nearby road and he ran to the scene to try and rescue the pilot but was beaten back by the intense flames. The aircraft burned completely as was full of fuel at the time of the crash. I have not been able to locate a photograph of the pilot as of yet but will keep trying. Hope this long overdue update helps out. Regards Tim Heath.