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Dog Tags: Stalag VIIIB and other POW camps

Article about: My father Lloyd B Rutherford (Canadian RHLI) was captured at Dieppe and was held prisoner in Stalag VIIIB and later Stalag IID. Is it possible to find out his prisoner number (ie, the number

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    Bruce, is this your father?

    Name: L B Rutherford
    Rank: Pte
    Army Number: B37683
    Regiment: R.H.L.I.
    POW Number: 26600
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: 357
    Camp Location: Oerbke Nr Fallingbostel, Germany
    Section: Canadian Army: Officers and Other Ranks


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    Hi Tony,

    Yes that's definitely my dad as he was with the RHLI and B-37683 was his army number. So firstly Tony - Thank you so much for finding and posting this information, I have been trying to find out his POW number for ages. I also didn't know that he had spent time at Stalag 357. That would have been in the final months of his time as a POW.

    I know for certain that he was in Stalag VIIIB from the beginning of September 1942 until January 1944 when he was moved to Stalag IID. My brother and I assumed that he was liberated from Stalag IID but clearly he must have been transferred to Stalag 357 (reading Wikipedia it was probably in or after September 1944).

    Am I right in thinking that Dad would have retained the same POW Number for the duration of his time as a POW (ie, same number in Stalags VIIIB, IID and 357)?

    Tony, could I as where you found this information....

    Thanks again.

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    Mate, that's made my day. I always aim to please

    To be honest all thanks should go to Grimebox for pointing out that Brit records are on ancestry. I've found AIF and CEF personnel in the WWI Brit silver war badge records so thought I'd give ancestry POW records a go by typing in your surname and there he was.

    I'm afraid I don't know if he'd have had the same POW number throughout but he was the only LB Rutherford there. Hopefully the info will help you find more about your dad's war. I wonder if the records generally come from the last camp POW's were held in?

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    He should have been given the one number which would have been issued by the Germans and would have been used wherever he went (the Germans were rather keen on keeping records!). He would have been issued a PoW dog tag like the one previously shown and his PoW number would be recorded on German documentation as well as with the Red Cross (as far as i am aware).

    I have some PoW items including a few belongings to somebody who was at Stalag VIIIb (see the shaving mirror, etc on the link below)

    The Allied Prisoner of War P.o.W Thread

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    I can't seem to find much reference to Canadians (other than aircrew) being at Stalag 357, however, that's not say he wasn't there, especially at this time in the war when a lot of PoW's were moved about. This is an interesting link about the camp if you haven't seen it

    Fallingbostel Military Museum

    And this site here might be able to assist you in finding somebody who knew your father

    The Wartime Memories Project - STALAG 357 POW Camp

    They also have section on Stalag VIIIb, although the majority of men held in Stalag VIIIb were not in the main camp but in smaller working camps known as arbeits kommandos. The stories in the link will give you an idea of his life behind barbed wire.

    The Wartime Memories Project - Stalag 8B POW Camp
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    Thanks for the helpful information and interesting links Grimebox.

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