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Help to identify name within mess dress dated 1935 (The Coldstream Guards)

Article about: Morning all. I recently acquired this Mess Dress believed to have been issued to The Coldstream Guards. Dated 1935. I'm looking for the name attached to the label if at all possible. A long

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    Quote by retrovintagelove View Post
    Bang on. Hats' off to you sir !
    More to Bob for finding him and you for tracing his history.👮


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Can anyone help me with the following Newspaper article on our man J.M.D. Booth-Tucker. Taken from The London Gazette 14th Oct 1938.

    The undermentioned Capts. >to be Staff
    Capts., The British Forces hi Palestine &
    Trans-Jordan (temp.). 29th Sept. 1938:
    J. M. D. Booth-Tucker, R.W.K.
    C. F. Cox, S. Wales Bord

    via -

    I was wondering if there is any references to be found with regards to ' The British Forces hi Palestine &
    Trans-Jordan (temp.). 29th Sept. 1938'

    Thank you.

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