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Help with info on my grandfather-US army

Article about: I have very little info on my grandfathers service in the US army during ww2, minus his medals and a copy of his Honorable Discharge paper, he had passed before i was born, so i never got th

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    Default Re: Help with info on my grandfather-US army

    ive done more digging, with a link that was previously provided to me by Steve T, ive figured out that before the war, the 907th air engineering squadron was the 1810th Engineer Aviation Company which was redesignated the 907th in july '42 and were active (in europe i would assume) before being deactivated in india in late december of '45. Ive been told my grandfather kept in contact with some of the men who were in his squadron after he was discharged, and they served a tour in India before being deactivated, which matches what ive read.

    His squadron belonged to the 489th Air Serv Gp (Hq & Base Serv Sq, 907th Air Eng Sq, 731st Air Mat Sq), but i can not determine which air force it was a part of.

    One thing that doesn't make sense to me among many other things, is my grandfather told my dad he was involved in the Battle of the Bulge, which would show up as The Ardennes (offensive) on his discharge paper, but it only lists Northern France and the Rhineland

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