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Help with WF Webster

Article about: I have four medals that came with a box and citation named to a WF Webster. They only WF Webster I can find was on the website. Is there a way to check the service number on the dog

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    Could he have been a Royal Marine ?

    Royal Marines Museum - Identifying RM Service Numbers

    "5. (a) In October 1925, the letter “X” was added to the prefixes to indicate “men enlisted and re-entered in the ……. Royal Marines under the revised rates of pay …. i.e. entries and re-entries on and after 5 October 1925, except re-entries before 2 November 1925, after a break in service of less than five years”, and a new sequence of numbers, beginning at 1, was started in each register. By the time this practice was superseded in the Chatham, Plymouth and Portsmouth registers in 1948, these sequences had reached four figures.

    (b) The Royal Marine Band Service continued to use the “X” until August 1955, through, and then the old sequence of numbers was resumed; but at 3400, above the last number allocated before October 1925, to prevent any duplication.

    (c) The prefixes “CH/X”, “PLY/X”, “PO/X” and “RMB/X” followed by numbers of six figures in the 100000 series, indicate ranks entered for Short Service during World War II."

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    Thanks for all the info and help guys.

    IT looks like he could be a Royal Marine. I'll have a go search through the links after work tonight.

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