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Hi all ;-) Can you help confirm a serviceman's record?

Article about: This is in regards to a lot of WWII German items that was purchased by a person who I'm picking up an item from. Claims to have bought this lot from the vet's son, the vets name is Edward B.

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    I also have a nice group from a member of the 87th ID. Included are a couple of reunion magazines form the 80s. I'll take a look through on the off chance I find your man.

    I also need to find out where others find unit rosters...

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    Thx a heap guys ;-)

    No uniform, just a neat variation of Whermacht shoulderboards and patches, an SA dagger, his US Army paybook and Golden Acorn patch.

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    FB's link to the 87th ID has quite a bit of information.

    I only have a couple issues of the "Golden Acorn News" but they have all of them from 1942-2008 online.

    87th Infantry Division Association

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    Yes FB, Marzipan Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, and three bars of Milka Alpenmilch-Schokolade ;-)

    I'll contact someone through the vet's association in yr 2nd link, I'm sure that will get me something definite.

    Much appreciate it.

    Never done this before, so I'm new at the steps, and didn't want to send in a paid request through the DOD.

    Interesting thing about Foltz, or some of them, is that they came here in 1625 from Die Fatherland, only to go back a few centuries later to fight for his homeland, I mean the other homeland. But, I suppose this is very common. Our area here is predominantly German, a large portion of the old county and field roads are; Schafer Rd, Zeller Rd, Ditmar, Murbach, Kissler, Schuster, Doerschlag, Hardung, Groh, Heimbigner, Kuch, Gies, etc, etc...

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    Email sent to the webmaster of the 87th Veteran's Association, waiting to hear back ;-)

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