So I was talking to a close family member,
And he was saying a story about how in late 50's early 60's of him being in the merchant navy and in Russia one time when he was docked he spoke to some sailers in the merchant navy in the ship docked near his and one merchant sailer from Belgium who he became friends with in the merchant navy whom he went to bars with an dated women together etc
While becoming friends they spoke about their family and the war and the belgian soolder showed my family member photos of his father who was a ww2 ss soilder whom he thinks was Leon degrelle. At the time he didnt think nothing of it as he didnt know much about Leon back in those days.
While docked in russia he had his pass to leave the ship taken away and was always harassed and bothered by soviet authority's about his father. Although he new nothing about his father on the run in Spain the soviet soilders wouldn't let go.

Interesting story I got told recently that I never knew that I wanted to share with you guys . Apparently his son was about 5"10 lankey and born around 43/44
Does anyone know anything about him?