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Japan Dropped Nuclear Bomb on US During WW2

Article about: According to Indian Schoolbook ..... That got your attention ! Japan dropped a nuclear bomb on the US during WW2, according to an Indian school textbook which is full of howling errors. Pare

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    Well in that case you maybe also never heard of the French censor on you-tube (the clip is not available in your country) and the custom wikipedia pages.

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    James: Liberal doesn't necessarily imply a political position, because there are all sorts of liberal views on almost any subject, political, economic, and social. Those who focus on social issues, including social relations, personal responsibility, and the goal of education, have their own liberal agenda. The mind-set among today's education professionals, especially those who teach humanities, social science (is that an oxymoron ?), social studies, history, and all the special programs aimed at specific ethnic groups, is that students must have self-esteem. Competition in any form, direct, systemic (as in the grade system), or implied (as in one's social relevance) is to be eliminated. What they are really preaching in the temple of all-good-feelings is mediocrity as the goal. I once heard a member of the academic council say with great sincerity and emotion, "If nobody wins, nobody loses." Your right that "structural problems within schools and bureaucratic failure" are major issues, but both stem directly from the philosophical basis that creates those issues. Dwight

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    Still never heard a French man say the wars were won by them.
    Having spent most of my life over there and done my education in Bayeux and in Caen.

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    Ive read all these posts and there seems to be a number of points missing, especially from the older members, when i was born it was 10 years after wars end, our fathers had been in the war, our mothers had lived through the blitz, and our teachers were either veterans or had been children during the war, wherever you were there were reminders of the war, anderson shelters in back gardens, factory shelters, in other words you were constantly reminded, we played on bomb sites even in the sixties, war history was taught in our schools as a matter of course, but nowadays it seems there is an adversion to teaching this subject in most schools, however my niece was given a project on the stages of the war years and she was completely lost , did,nt have a clue where to start until she asked me and i was able to give her a number of books on the subject, she received top marks for research, content and essay, she can now tell other students what when on, how it started, ended and the aftermath, so much so that she wrote another one on the first world war, it amazes me that political correctness enters into the teaching subjects, ancient history is fine and allowed and encouraged, modern history seems taboo

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    Modern history is not taboo in the National curriculum in England.

    The National Curriculum in England includes both ancient and modern history. Within that curriculum is a level of choice given to schools as to which non-statuary areas are studied. One school might choose to study the Battle of Britain another Anglo-Saxon laws and justice.

    Included in the statuary element; " least one study of a significant society or issue in world history and its interconnections with other world developments [for example, Mughal India 1526-1857; China’s Qing dynasty 1644-1911; Changing Russian empires c.1800-1989; USA in the 20th century]".

    Below is a link to current DoE history curriculum:
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Ohh dear, getting Gandhi wrong in India.

    Quote by Feuerbach View Post
    What are you trying to say....

    Quote by Panzersaurus View Post
    Those are some pretty big mistakes. It reminds me of my high school history textbook. It was also riddled with small mistakes, but those mistakes appeared to be deliberate and attempting to get some sort or political message across. I think the teacher chose that book because it agreed with his political views. He always managed to squeeze in some words on the evils of capitalism and the bondage of classes into every lesson. His 6-foot tall picture of Marx didn't help either, but I digress.
    Had a teacher like that eons ago. Preached marxism when ever possible. He was certainly entitled to his view - I just loated hearing him trying to influence everybody during lessons.
    I finally stood up to him and questioned that part of his 'teaching' method. Didnt do my grades any good, but at least he toned it down to a less obvious degree.

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    I loved Karl Marx in "A day at the Races" ..

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    The school of my ex-wife's neice about 13 years ago had a policy during school sports day that with running races all the kids had to stop before the finish line so they could all step over together so 'they could all be winners'. I pity those poor kids when they enter the workforce and find out what real life is about.

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    But Japan and Germany won the war didn't they?
    And Mao beat the Japanese out of China.

    My history teacher used to put on videos of tour of duty or black adder every class. bless him.

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    Lol - we got Laurel and Hardy.........


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