Hope this is in the correct place on the forum, Thought this may be of interest to show how unlikely friendships and compassion could emerge from this terrible conflict. When my dad returned home from his time in N.Africa and Italy in 1946 he returned to his job on one of the local farms, at that time a POW camp was located in our village and many German prisoner's were working on this and many other farms. My dad was worried that many of these prisoner's had not enough warm clothing and food to help them cope with the harsh Yorkshire weather,sClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	609832ecurity was not to tight at that time and the POW's were allowed into the village and in the evening the local home guard officer went round on his bike and collected them and walked them back to the camp !, Dad invited several prisoner's he worked with back to my grandparent's home to share the evening meal with them, bearing in mind grandfather was crippled at the age of 26 from his wounds in WW1 it would have thought he may have been bitter about this, but instead they gave them hot meals, found warm clothing for them, grandmother even knitted pullover's for them !, I am attaching scan's of letter's sent back to the family after the POW's returned home to Germany. Sorry if this is a rambling post but I am proud of what my family did and hope it illustrate's some good from a terrible time and in a way hope this in some form is a tribute to my family,
I hope you find this of interest,
Kind regards,