I"m researching Ltc Ernest c Peters (Retired Col).

What i already know is:
Ernest Clyde. Peters
USMA Class of 1931 Cullum: 9297
2nd Lt 11 JUN 1931
1st Lt 1 AUG 1935

SS with HQ 99th Infantry Division, GO #1 1945
2 bn 393rd Co

2bn 18th inf= LTC Ernest Clyde. Peters Nov 1945 Dec 1945
Born 21 December 1908, and died 1 March 1976.
Married with Mary A Peters born: 5 feb 1912 death; 29 dec 1982

USMA citation:
Ernest clyde Peters Altadena, California Forty-second district, New York. Pete is just as enthousiastic and full of effervescing good spirits
as he was the day he entered the East Sallyport and was told to "wipe the smile off". He never has obeyed that order and we think he never will
Files don't mean much to Pete. He holds that the fundamental purpose of life is to enjoy it, and he really does carry out his principles.
Worries slide off his back like the proverbial water. However, when there is a job that has to be done and done right, Pete can do it as quickly
and efficiently as any man in the class. For this reason we expect to see Pete showing many of us up when he puts on those gold bars and begins
soldiering in earnest, Hundredth Night (4-3-1); Wrestling (4-1)

More info would be nice Gents.
Especially a picture of the Man himself, and info on the Silver star citation!

In honoring the Men and Women who fought for my freedom.
We will never forget.