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M1 Garand

Article about: Hey guys i really want to get an original M1 Garand, but i really want to get one for like 300-500\\$ is that possible. Also it wont be until september cause that my birthday month. And im 14

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    I heard about those Garands, too. They are going to be beaters and reenactor grade rifles for sure. There are also something like 700,000 carbines there too that the Koreans want to get rid of.

    Ryan, your best bet at the moment is to have your parents drive you to the CMP store in Ohio. There are eligibility requirements, but thats going to be your cheapest Garand option.
    A long as they are shooters and have wwii receivers i dont care. M1's were referbed after the war

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    Are those original like ww2 korea era m1s or are they newly build ones? At the store in ohio.

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    From what i understand Gov surplus
    Rifle Sales - M1 Garand

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    If reenacting is your aim, have you looked at drill rifles or deactivated ones? I'm sure they'd be cheaper and your father need not worry

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    The thing is i really want to at least shoot blanks while im there lol.

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    plan on another $100 for blank adapter

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    Hmmm... m1 carbine? Springfield 03? Both are, on average, a bit cheaper than a garand.

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    So I would have to spend an extra 100 on a rifle to have it shoot blanks

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    yes blanks cant alone creat enough gas to push back the bolt. Thus the blank adapter will keep some of the gas from the blank and recycle it to push the bolt back.

    When you shoot real ammo. the bullet it self is what keeps some of the gas in as it leaves the rifle. Thus no adapter.

    adapters go for around $100

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    Bolt actions dont need them.

    Blank only guns, such as the Mp40 or thompson have smaller bore so a live round cant go through. so thus you dont need a adapters.

    SSroom made some of these guns with blank pointing the oppisite direction. In the eyes of the ATF they are sort of toys and not considered real guns..... legal in all 50 states to my knowledge
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