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M1 Garand

Article about: Hey guys i really want to get an original M1 Garand, but i really want to get one for like 300-500\\$ is that possible. Also it wont be until september cause that my birthday month. And im 14

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    I got my service grade H&R M-1 through CMP. They have some rather strict criteria that has to be met before one can be purchased. I don't know if you can just walk into their store and purchase one. Check this link for the requirements.
    Eligibility Requirements


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    I'm going to get flogged for suggesting this on this forum, but here's an idea:
    You could try getting an Airsoft Gas Blowback M1. Marushin manufactures a nice 8mm version, and your parents might allow it since it's not a "real" gun.


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    you need a good mentor to get you rolling in the right direction. a hunter saftey course would be a good start,since your only 14.

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