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Memphis Belle last mission

Article about: May 17th 1943 is taken as Memphis Belle's last mission over Europe, so just thought it would be nice to remember Robert Morgan and his men (and also Margaret Polke, and Stuka, why not?) Actu

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    I am very interested on this plane's story so that's why I posted it
    Robert Morgan cared so much for this plane that when he married Linda he did it in front of the Belle
    Documentaries with the real plane were made, and movies about it were also made. Apart from the "Memphis Belle", Steven Spielberg also used the story (changing it a bit) for an episode on the "Amazing Stories" series.

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    P-51 Mustangs it is, sorry for my American aircraft stupidity!! I must have been thinking about the war when I typed "39"(and the wine I am drinking did not help!! Anyway it was a couple of these! Leon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Memphis Belle last mission  
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