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My G-Granndpa Bill Oatman,war hero's memoirs

Article about: ironically this is also my great grandfather

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    Default Re: My G-Granndpa Bill Oatman,war hero's memoirs

    ironically this is also my great grandfather

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    Default Re: My G-Granndpa Bill Oatman,war hero's memoirs

    Really?! you must be blood related.bill oatman was my grandmas stepdad!mary was my grandmas mom.I have pics of me and grandpa bill together as a child in penn. can you please call me? pm. ..dean lawson

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    Default Photo of Mr Bill Oatman

    Here is a picture of my great grand pop Bill Oatman, 101st airborne 506th PIR
    R.I.P. 2006
    BTW, the last member of E Co. Just past away last sad to hear.

    - - ------- - -
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My G-Granndpa Bill Oatman,war hero's memoirs  

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    It's truly Great when you can find out a relitives Military History!!!


    Dean O

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    Wow! What an amazing discovery! thanks for share it Dean!

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    You're very welcome, Williamsong and thank you Dean O. for your pleasant comments, gentlemen.

    My Aunt just sent me the image of him from a studio portrait of him and his wife (my great grandmother ) she has. Incidentally, she also has the hard copy of his hand typed memoirs of which I will someday inherit.

    If you ever get the time to read his story, I highly suggest it! Never a dull moment, there
    Dean L.

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    Here's a reference from an article published about ww2 controversies i found. i know it's a little bit of a late reply but I was just going over this thread and did a little research and found this. I know you had some questions about the paratroopers who were mutilated..well this article is amazing to find because it not only discusses the atrocities you had trouble with but it also includes my great grandfather by name with a quote by him !!. I hope this helps and I apologize for the late response

    "As the paratroopers landed, some less fortunate found themselves caught in trees but as they struggled to free themselves, they were swiftly shot by the Germans. Hilter had issued a standing order – Kommandobefehl – which demanded that all special forces, such as paratroopers, be shot. As more paratroopers landed and began to make contact with other troopers, stories of dead American paratroopers whose bodies had been grossly mutilated by Germans soldiers spread.
    Coming upon such a scene, one 101st Captain- WILLIAM OATMAN –
    turned to his soldiers and said ‘don’t you guys dare take any prisoners! Shoot the bastards!’"

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