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my grandad in the KOSB and the MOD brick wall

Article about: Hi everyone, i have over the past few months been trying to find out any details i can about one of my grandads service. All i have to go on is his name - Arthur Walker, date of birth, and t

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    Hi Ed, I applied for my grandad's medals 20 years ago, got a local magistrate to sign the form & a short time after received his War & Defence medal, 4 years service with the Intelligence Corps serving in India ! I also applied for my Gt.Uncle's service record (he died on the Dunkirk perimeter in May 1940) which took about 10 months to arrive, however another family member had applied for his medals.
    Kind regards

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    well, unfortunately i haven't had much time to go through it yet, but here is the info i got:

    Arthur Walker
    1/4/1944 to 13/8/44 RAF
    14/8/44 to 7/1/45 RWF
    7/1/45 to 3/3/45 LEICS
    3/3/45 to 20/2/47 KOSB

    It is curious that he was in the RAF for only 4 months before what appears to be being discharged to the RWF.
    and again only spending a short time attached to both the RWF and the LEICS regiment.

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    "…knowing him, and something of his deeds, it was impossible not to believe in greatness. In that square figure was housed a spirit of grandeur, and with his massive heroism went gentleness and modesty, even humility. He had no need to proclaim his virtue, for history would be his spokesman."
    Eric Linklater on Wavell.

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    Hi Ed, just checked my Uncle's record, his medals were claimed by another family member & the record is stamped as issued in Feb '82, curiously above this entry, seperately stamped is his entitlement 39-45 Star & War medal 1939 & is dated Jun '81, I wonder if it had taken 41 years after his death for the records to have been updated, who knows ? Going through your records I can't see any medal/star stamps of entitlement so maybe they're still there to be claimed ! Here's a link with all the details & phone number Apply for a medal or veterans badge - GOV.UK, good luck mate !

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    Interesting service history! Well done on finally tracking it down. A chap in our church was an Officer in both the RAF and Army, a specialist administrator of some sort I believe so his unique skills were required in both branches. Also on a side note my Granddad was in 4 different Regiments during the war and a 5th post war, so I guess some people just "got about"! Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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