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Please help with info on my Pop...

Article about: I believe it was for temporary sergeant,a temporary promotion given when the Acting Sergeant was ill,wounded or killed.

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    Default Please help with info on my Pop...

    Name : WALTER EDWIN CLARK born 02 Jan 1924 Collie, Wetsrn Australia

    IMG_0002 by Marc Russo (Australia), on Flickr

    This info i had while my pop was alive was that he lied about his age and got into the Australian Army. My family said he went to Darwin but i didnt know if it was during the bombings etc and him mum dobbed him in for being underage and was discharged 7 months later.

    I just found some info that supports this....

    He re joined not long after and served till around 1947 where he got to rank of sargent or close to
    Any info anyone can get i would be muchly appreciated and owe ya a beer!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    So first question i would like to know is what was the minimum age to joining for Australian army in 1942 . If it was 18 then at the date of 26 jan 1942 he was 18 seeing as though he was born jan 2nd 1924.

    Second question is what regement/battalion was he in?

    3rd If he was legal to be in the army would there be records why he discharged

    Most of all, was his unit in darwin when the bombing were going on

    Really appreciate any help anyone can shed. I have his papers from when he rejoined but no info onon these early dates

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    You may do best to contact the DVA. Since you are family it should be not much problem to find service info.
    Try this link and contact them.......,d.aWM............

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    Hi mate, You will have to order his service records from the Australian National Archives. They give you two options either a hard copy they mail out or digitised, get the digitised ones they are cheaper and you can print them out and If you need help with deciphering them shoot me a PM.

    Here is the link to his records, you need to click request copy on the right and follow the directions from there.

    Search & Retrieve - Session timed out

    Cheers Luke.

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    Also I forgot to mention his unit is listed on the certificate you posted... He seved in the 116th Light Anti Aircraft Battery...

    The 116th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment manned a number of Bofors guns on Rottnest Island during 1942 and 1943 to provide anti-aircraft defence for the 6 and 9.2 inch batteries emplaced on the Island, so I guess this is where he served during 1942.

    Cheers Luke.

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    Yep, like Luke said, his service records will tell you the most info. Your Pops records are not yet examined so you will be the first to see them if you purchase a copy.
    The Rottnest Gun enplacements are well worth a visit if you are on the Island

    regards Paul

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    Thanks so much guys, really appreciate it.
    I went to my uncles house last night and got hold of some documents that are very interesting.
    Now it makes sence why he is listed as 18yrs old and was only in for 8 months to start with.
    I have his original " Mobilization attestation form dated 25/1/1942 (the day before he enlisted)

    The date he put down for his bday is 2/1/1924 (18yrs) but on his re enlistment forms couple yrs later its 24/1/1928. I can confirm that this is his acual bday.
    He lied on his first enlistment date because he was 14 yrs old!! Very interesting!

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    I will scan these and put them up

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    Im still working on finding info on when he re joined legally. I have his number which is 5/10488 and he was in the 3rd feild regiment and discharged around 1948.

    Looks like there is something about 53 bty what ever that is . Can anyone help with that?

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    Default Re: Please help with info on my Pop...

    Anyone know what rank T/sgt is?

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