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Stalag IV-G /IVB Allied Prisoner of War work party list?

Article about: I recently purchased this from Ebay It is a list of names written on the rear of a Luftwaffe map (covering Isfahan, Iran dated 1941) The names include 11 British, 3 Dutch, 2 Serbs, 1 America

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    Default Re: Stalag IV-G /IVB Allied Prisoner of War work party list?

    Hello Bron, unfortunately when I bought this item the British names had already been reserched by the seller through '' (You have to pay for this service and I am not a member, although I believe some members on this site are and maybe able to assist you). I found the details of the American PoW through the NARA (link on the second post). As you can see from the links in my first post Stalag IV-B was one of the largest PoW camps and had all nationalities resident there, I not aware of any list of the PoW's and their numbers . The only thing I can suggest is that you take photos of the trinket box and create your own thread and see if any of the members on here can assist you (there maybe something on the box which suggests where the original owner came from)

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    Is my father, James Bennett, included your list of POW's at Stalag IVG please?


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    Unfortunately the list pictured for the work party is the only one I have and your father is not listed on it.

    Is your father American or British? Below is a link for the US NARA

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    Unfortunately I don't get on very well searching on this site and it takes me ages to work it out! Unfortunately I don't have time today, however, the link shows the list of enlisted James BENNETTS.
    If your father is British then you could try - this requires payment and I'm not a member.
    You could try looking on the links in my original post to see if they have a search facility or list of POW's (also try various spellings of your father's name)


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    Although a late reply you might be interested in my post.
    The 3 Dutch POW are known to have been at Stalag IV-b Mühlberg and Stalag IV-c Oschatz.
    Böhrigen should be Böhringen, a AKdo from IV-c Oschatz.
    AKdo No.204- Böhringen, was situated in a stone building in the village of Böhringen (no actual adress of firm name is known).
    There was an ammunition factory about 200 yards away.

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