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would like help on some images

Article about: the first two images are of my great grandfather. this is what I know of him. he served in the boar war 1900s. and then served in ww1. he was wounded in ww1. I think he was in the east surry

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    Default would like help on some images

    The first two images are of my Great Grandfather. This is what
    I know of him: He served in the Boer War 1900s, and then
    served in WWI. He was wounded in WWI. I think he was
    in the East Surrey Regiment in the Boer War and WWI,
    but in WWI was later put into the Labour Corps.
    These images I have, my uncle sent them to me a while ago
    asking me if I was able to identify the uniforms. I think the
    younger man is him in the 1890s and the other image is
    definitely him, maybe taken around WWI. After a bit of
    looking I think he may have been Royal Field Artillery.

    The next image is of my other Great Grandpa. I do not know
    anything of his service in WWI, but the knot on his sleeve
    and cap badge looks like Engineers maybe. I know he
    was wounded in WWI - my uncle has his Wound
    Badge and medals....

    Any help would be fantastic, as I've been working for
    a while on my family's military history.

    Thank you, Mark.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture would like help on some images   would like help on some images  

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    Yes, most likely an Engineers hat badge.
    Ask you Uncle to read the details on the rims of the medals, this will include his regiment and service number which you could then use to look up his Medal Index Card (MIC) and also see if his service papers have survived. If you wanted to share their names then there are people here who can check for you (or on the British Medals Forum).


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    Thanks ubique. I have got both of there service numbers I found my great grandpas ww1 recolds in the first images east surry reg and number on the side. But I would like to no if any one could me the unifourms or help me me to no what the uniforms he has on in the images. But the great grandfather on tne bike I are unable to find anything. Thanks mark.

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    OK I'm guessing you have his full name and know his age but cant spot him in records because there were more than one by that name. On the MIC's you would need to list all the Royal Engineers with that name then start deducting those with the wrong age (making allowance for the age being fiddled to get enlisted). There could also be clues in the census information. That uniform on the motorbike would not have been issued to wartime enlisted men so he may have been in the RE's in 1911 or 1921 maybe. Others may have good suggestions too, especially on the forum I mentioned.


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    thanks for your input oz. that's interesting that you say the image of great grandpa wolf on the motor bike might be around 1911, that's why I was interested to know the what type of bike he was on.
    this way I might may be able to date the image.
    I had some one look at this other image of him and his mates in the frame on the right.
    and he said the uniform may date around 1910.
    I did find him in the 1901 census. as far as military records you are right im not getting far.
    yes I will try the forum. thanks mark
    the pitcher frames I done, a little while ago.
    I got copies of there medals and photos and put them together. i hope that by doing this there efforts will never be forgotten by new generations of our family.
    I've still got to do my fathers side of the family yet
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture would like help on some images  

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    Fantastic photos mate, great stuff!

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    Ive had no luck in getting onto the British medals forum. Still waiting to get excepted.

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    Probably just a mod away for a couple of days.
    Don't forget to check your junk emails.


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    All good now. Got email yesterday. Thanks mark. Will have a look when I get the chance.

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    Ive got this far the very first image of great grandpa Bridgeman. the strips on his left are long service chevrons. looks like 18 years.

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