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2 new hj

Article about: Added to its range of HJ Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default 2 new hj

    Added to its range of HJ2 new hj2 new hj2 new hj2 new hj

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    Two nice buckles again, can you add the M4/72 buckle to the HJ makers thread please? We do not have an example in there


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    Yes, Ben , please add

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    These can be addictive.

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    Worse, like drug addiction))))

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    arent they great !!?? you can collect by material, maker and marking! I love them, they are the only buckle I know of that had so many different examples to collect in one organization. My collection is around 400 HJ and DJ buckles and I am still finding new examples

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    Thank You Chad. So there is something to strive for. So I'm 25 and I like them.

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    Absolutely! HJ and DJ are not just a collection of buckles, they are so much more...
    The youth organization buckles in my humble opinion are the best example of the history and progression of the RZM itself. What other organization shows so many examples of the full run of RZM codes and the changing of these codes from prior to the RZM to the end of the Nazi party. By collecting youth buckles by marking, you are really studying the RZM and their marking rules and regulations! it is great fun and there is an endless supply of new and inexpensive buckles as million upon millions were made!

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    Yes, I know many people study SS buckles on them.


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