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Latest HJ Buckle Additions

Article about: Hi, all. Been a little while since I've posted any new buckles and wanted to share my latest HJ pick-ups from our good forum friend and HJ specialist, Chad First and second are two solid nic

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    very nice buckles adam and from one of thee best collections!

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    the double maker marked buckles are an enigma , and I cant really add much as David has already covered what we know. They exist, and that it is not isolated from Overhoff and Assmann, although it doesnt stray too far. I have one or two other examples which are double maker marked but I do believe that either assmann or overhoff are present with a different maker added. We should start a new thread addressing the double maker marked HJ buckles. The question is .. what collaboration did they makers have ? was it maker/wholesaler, maker/parts , or designer/maker ??? I read an interesting article a while back which suggested that Assmann tried to monopolize the HJ production from the get go in 33 and that they tried to control the design as their own. This may be a case of other makers having to put the Assman name on the buckle per a licensing agreement to use the design.. who knows.. it is all speculation at this point ..all of the thoughts on this are possible, which is actually what happened.. we may never know.. hopefully some day we will find the documentation in someones garage or at a flea market which will give us the answers we so very much want to know. If you or David would be so kind as to start a new thread on double marked HJ , I ill be happy to add my examples onto it
    Thanks for sharing the buckles with the group

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    This is a very interesting thread and it brings to mind something that I read a long time ago, concerning HJ knives with two different makers' stamps... the theory was put forward that one maker forged the main blade and shaft while the other one produced the handle and finger guard, attached the grips, etc. It was suggested that this collaboration came about through either lack of materials, shortage of manpower, or possibly even faulty/worn out/broken down machinery... it's only a theory about a situation that, under normal circumstances would never happen, but during war time when everything was being pushed to its limits... well, who knows what sort of compromises had to be met to keep the production line going...?

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    A new thread has been started.



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    Thanks all for the nice and very stimulating replies. A most interesting issue that I do hope we shall understand better one day. In the meantime hopefully the new thread started by David will generate further discussion and examples. Chad, I would love to have a look at that article if it's still circulating somewhere. Hansi, that is really interesting about the HJ knives although it wouldn't be my guess for these pre-war HJ's or buckles in general. Perhaps, though and who knows for sure?!

    Best to you all,

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    P.S. -

    Quote by Chad William View Post
    hopefully some day we will find the documentation in someones garage or at a flea market
    ... What a great find this would be!

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    thank you for splitting off a new thread. I think it will be more focused for future viewing

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