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DJ (almost complete) shirt

Article about: On my opinion now shirt looks cool and it would be like that if it were DJ, but I agree with Saris and for me is not aswell DJ or HJ if not a sympatizer! Anyway looks really cool

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    Default DJ (almost complete) shirt

    Hi fellow collectors

    My DJ shirt is almost complete (thanks to Darin got a matching triangle and shoulder boards). Next step is to get a DJ buckle
    Although not complete I wanted to share it with you once is something I've been working on for some time. As the shorts are too big for this shirt, they'll go to the HJ uniform (next task...)

    DJ (almost complete) shirt DJ (almost complete) shirt

    DJ (almost complete) shirt DJ (almost complete) shirt

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    Circuit advertisement DJ (almost complete) shirt
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    very impressive.

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    That is superb and looks excellent , many thanks for the great pics.

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    Looking good! Is the insignia period to the shirt?

    Thank you, Glen.

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    Thanks guys
    Yes Glen, I believe it is period to the shirt

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    Good work , the shirt is looking great with those insignia. Leon.
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    Hate to party-poop JMM but although the shirt looks nice, the details are historically inaccurate. I realise that you're not finished yet but unfortunately you have a mixture of insignia from different time periods making a shirt that would never have existed in that configuration. Just as a quick example, the DJ membership badge indicates a pre-1935 shirt but you have HJ shoulder straps which indicate a post 1938 shirt. Those two details can't co-exist like that. I know that the HJ forum (Hitler Youth Forum - HJ DJ BDM and JM ) has helped guys out in the past with the nitty gritty details of putting displays like yours together so might be worth giving them a shout.

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    Anyway and whatever the arm patch with sigrune, which is DJ, does not belong to a shirt with HJ shoulder-straps.
    On the right shoulder should be a small black strap with number. Remove the patch and buy yourself a HJ armband.

    The black strap should have one of the following numbers: 83, 167, 192 (went later to Nordmark), 224, 226, 274,
    289 or 393. The later numbers, I guess, could not have been upon this shirt. But if then this wouled be: 760, 761,
    762, 763, 844. 845 or 846.
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    :-) my post was originally a lot longer than that and I went on about those straps too but decided to cut a few sentences for brevity sake. Like you say, they HJ straps shouldn't be on the shirt because with rune and no rank this is for a simple DJ boy. He would have a single DJ strap.

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    Hello Wilhelm Saris and Norku32

    Thanks a lot for your comments, help and information; they're most welcome.
    When I first bought the shirt, my idea was to put up a HJ uniform (already got the shorts and armband) then I realised the shirt was too small (maybe a 5 or 6 year old boy) so I decided it would be better to turn it into a DJ. The armband and shorts are way too big to display on this shirt, besides when I got it, the insignia on both shoulders had been removed (ripped, actually) leaving only the two black buttons on each side. So my question is: could this have been a HJ and not a DJ shirt? So small?
    Thank you for your help and knowledge

    DJ (almost complete) shirt DJ (almost complete) shirt

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