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Help! Luftwaffenhelfer dress, rank(?)

Article about: Hi all. I'm also trying to get information on my grand father (rank?, branch, dress items etc). I appreciate it's difficult to say much from pictures but I'm still learning so I'm glad of an

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    Maybe I can Help with some of items of my collection!

    Normaly the "HJ-LuftwaffenHelfer" trade the "Flieger-HJ" uniform with the modification of HJ-LwH.

    In winter they trade the "HJ Wintermütze" like this:

    They trade always in winter the "Winterbluse" from "Flieger-HJ" but with "LwH eagle" and the "LwH shoulder strap" (sometimes they trade classic HJ shoulder strap).

    The "HJ-LwH" have a specific pant like this!

    The complete uniform from a "HJ-LuftwaffenlHefer" with HJ and army awards.

    And of course, when they used DCA they trade the "Luftwaffe Helmet".

    Sometimes some young HJ writte his unit on the helmet like this...

    Of course they have specific paper a "Dienstbuch" used by all "HJ-LuftwwaffenHelfer"!

    Now some pictures of HJ with this type of uniform!

    But something they used Luftwaffe uniform!
    Like on this picture, the young man trade a "Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse"....

    I hope I have help...
    And I am so sorry for my poor English!

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    For the record I'm pretty sure my grand father was a flakhelfer in the second picture. When he reached age he joined as a KM

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    Rzm57 I'd be interested on your opinion (and everyone else's of course) on these items that I'm interested in and how they compare to yours and authenticity

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    Sorry for my late answer!
    First I wish you all the best for 2016!

    The uniform is not the true HJ-Luftwaffenhelfer!
    In fake it is a "Winterbluse" used by the boy in winter!

    I have the same but in mint condition without insignia!

    Sometimes the HJ-LwH trade this type of uniform (pretty rare).
    The insignia are only the LwH eagle and the HJ-armband, so the HJ insignia worn on the arm have been removed after war (probably the same for the agle).

    And the pant is a civil pant, used before and after war!
    The "true" HJ pants have the RZM tag with différents name like "Stiefelhose" or "Winterhose" etc...

    RZM tag like this:

    Best regards
    Pierre (RZM)

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    Thank you very much. Very helpful

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    There is an update! I have had a reply from the Deutsche Dienststelle.
    Just need to get someone in the family to translate it for me.

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    The letter says:

    "Your enquiry of 4/1/2016

    1 enclosure

    Dear Mr. [...],

    concerning the military service history of your grandfather, the following could be found:


    Entry into Navy service: 19/1/1945

    Time period / Unit, location (if known/applicable):
    19/1/1945 to 19/3/1945: 27th Schiffstammabteilung*, Ollerup/Denmark
    20/3/1945 to 30/4/1945: 5th Marineersatzabteilung**, Westerland/Sylt

    Rank: Matrose I (Bootsmannslaufbahn)***

    Remarks: According to a list of 31/5/1944, your grandfather was serving with the 5th Battery of schwere Flakabteilung 801**** prior to his call-up to the Navy. The time period is not on record.

    On 30 April 1945, your grandfather was taken as a prisoner of war at Bremervörde, being released from captivity on 7/9/1945.

    Concerning the administrative fees, please note the attached form.


    *) roughly translated "Ships' Cadre Detachment"; these were units for the military- and naval basic training of recruits
    **) Navy Replacement Detachment
    ***) i.e. a basic-level seaman of the boatswains' career
    ****) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery Detachment 801

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    A huge help as ever HPL! Many thanks.

    Looks like he spent more time in captivity than in the navy!

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