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Hitler Youth Gefolgschaft

Article about: Just checking on this an HJ Standard Bearers patch. It looks an original to me, and that is my gut feeling , and is very similar to others I have seen, but is it right do you think? Things a

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    Quote by John Brandon View Post
    Are you saying that I did not do any groundwork before posting? I did, but still had doubt
    I don't know if this question is directed at me, but if it is, with respect, it's both parties fault and neither parties fault. Looking at a few examples is hardy consider doing research IMO,(this is in no way directed at you Brandon, I'm sure you did plenty of research and you usually have well-backed post. I'm just using this thread as an example.)
    Yes, members should never post their opinion unless they spent the time to learn the material, but for the sake of fairness, the OP should always do their own research, and not just to verify the posted opinions of other members are accurate, but because it's his item and therefore only his responsibility. It is nobody other than the owners, and possibly the sellers, obligation to determine authenticity of items for anyone, period. It isn't like this is are job and we are receiving some fat salary for our services, lol. I know I stay on here and try to help out others the little I can only because of the love I share with members of our collecting field.

    P.S Way to much unnecessary tension in this thread. This is a successful thread which may help out a fellow collector in the future, no need to destroy that.

    Add: Thank you Brandon for not taking this the wrong way, you are a gentlemen, sir.

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    Quote by KMMorris View Post
    Norku32, mate you need to calm down and consider respect before you repost.

    Respect for what or whom exactly? My point stands: if someone wants to know whether a given item is authentic, it is extremely unhelpful for them to have to wade through "opinion" - especially when others in the same thread and indeed on another forum in this case, have provided sufficient reason/evidence for the piece to be in doubt. With respect, "I will like this piece regardless of the proof" seems a rather silly position to take.

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    When posting an item to determine authenticity, one must always examine the credentials of the person offering an opinion. In these days of ever improving fakery, it is impossible for any one individual to be conversant with the latest fakes. I believe the subject has now been exhausted. As things have deteriorated to personalities instead of discussing the object, this thread is now closed.


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