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HJ Banner FOUND Relic Condition

Article about: Picked this flag up today...kinda neat! Shame the ink or something has run on it...some drops of something on it...overall...I am very happy with it !...Just thought I would share this ! Ann

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    It's all been said, a great flag at a great price. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Circuit advertisement HJ Banner FOUND Relic Condition
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    Cheep as chips!! great find
    Attached Images Attached Images HJ Banner FOUND Relic Condition 

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    Why can't I find these prices??
    Nice flag at a GREAT price
    Good one!

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    Thanks all for the kind words...! Guy had it posted for 2 hours, I emailed him ASAP...

    But on a serious note, any idea when these were made (this style)? I am curious why it has the Heinrich Muller markings on this.(I know who he is...I think!) .I admit I love war flags, but being a younger but serious collector I sometimes have questions. hope you don't mind !

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    The markings would worry me too. I have serious doubts about this item. Can those who like it explain why they like it?

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    The flag's authenticity is fine but I am curious why only to you , there something not right ? Respectfully please explain your own reasoning.

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    The construction of the flag appears period Imo ..i havent seen a fake one use the same construction method as this..As for Heinrich Muller, Munchen flags...Not to be confused with Heinrich Muller from the Gestapo...I have read on another forum some doubt about this maker and a HJ flag from a very knowledgeable member of that forum, but i have come across three very different flags from this maker that look totally hand is always best and i know there is doubt cast from someone who has had it but i like the flag from the look..if anyone has another opinion please share
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    Just found this one claiming to be from the same maker..not too sure about this one
    HJ Banner FOUND Relic Condition

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    Now see that one , looks a little too nice to me. What drew my attention to this HJ banner was the nice stitching , matching directly with my Kriegs flag I had, different maker but same style of production. The material is also , exactly how you want a flag to feel which is also a plus.

    As we know there were hundreds of flag makers, some we probably don't know about even today. Variations occurred so many times over. Perhaps I will get a better photo of the maker as all that is pictured is the Munchen part.

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