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HJ/BDM/DJ Collections

Article about: darin modest thanks for those better pics very good for future reff! my scottish freind nice cloth proficiancy badge did you get anything hj at the leeds fair?? heres my latest hj item a 7 f

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    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    Thanks, Metho! I'd like to add an I.D. booklet including a photo of an HJ boy and a district patch... preferably from Berlin because I've been there!
    Well, this one I have does not show the Gebietsdrieke but it's from Berlin, Bann 201 Herbert Norkus, and a shoulder strap for a Scharfuhrer from the same Bann.
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    An interesting recent find. I bought a single HJ strap from Spencer Victory some time ago. I liked it because it was from a not so common Bann and had an interesting Kriegsfreiwillege on it, white and red. While surfing Ebay I found the exact mate to the strap I got from Spencer. I emailed the seller and explained that I had the mate to his single and he agreed to end the auction and sell me the strap. So here's a pair that have been reunited after who knows where and when they were seperated. Sometimes sets are broken up for profit by dealers and sellers. Not so easy to find matches for single HJ straps most of the time, and to find a mate to this one was great.
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    One of the great joys of collecting is having something come together like your shoulder strap situation. A few years back, I purchased for a friend a named political leader mantel from a collector in Japan. My friend had the matching named tunic and breeches. Both dated the same from the same tailor!


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    Bob, while not nearly on the scale of reuniting a grouping like that, there is a great joy in putting something back together that you feel should have not been seperated in the first place like the set of straps. It's always great to hear stories about items that have been reunited, thanks for sharing yours.

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    Recent addtions from the WCHMC show in Pamona last weekend. My favorite is the Gefolgschaftsfuhrer cutoff. The seller would not budge on the price, but it was still not too expensive. The MHJ cap tally is a great full length example that I picked up for a friend, it's now off to his dedicated collection. There were many nice HJ items at the show, and if the budget allowed I could have come home with many more really nice items.
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    HJ/BDM/DJ Collections  

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    Your world class collection just continues to grow Darin

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    The cut off one is a killer.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Wouaw, the top niveau. I agree with Nick: "world class" . "ša en jette" (in French).
    Best regards from Alsace , France.

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    Another small addition. This was an Ebay DE pick up. Oberbann 6 pre 1934 pattern for Bann 183, Unterbann IV, Hereford, West/Westfalia. The white numerals and piping denote Oberbann 6. Shame the piping is a little loose, but it's very tough to find Oberbann 6 H.J. straps at all in any condition. I was very fortunate to win this auction at a bargain price for this strap.

    Bann number info source: Handbook of the Hitlerjugend by Wim Saris.
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    A few more items in the last couple of weeks.

    An Oberstammfurher single strap that was on the Guild for a lonnnggg time, when the price got reduced I grabbed it.

    Another early variant Sigrune.

    Finally a single early HJ Oberbann strap from Bann 250 I Gandenshiem-Blankenberg Gebiet Nord Niedersachsen. The Oberbann strap is interesting due to the Oakleaves attached. These appear to be from a Schnarhorst collar tab. Garry M. from the HJ Research forum has a period letter from 1933 during the time period when the Schnarhorst Jugend was being incorporated into the HJ. In the letter there is some discussion regarding the Schnarhorst collar insignia and if they would be allowed to continue to wear them after incorporation into the HJ. There was no final decision made from the contents of the letter. It is possible that the oakleaves were added by a former Schnarhorst Jugend member who was incorporated into the HJ. I don't think they were added by the seller as he had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned the Schnarhorst Jugend, and the strap was priced very low. Possibly a humped up strap, but then again a possible rare HJ insignia anomoly. I'll probably never know, but an interesting strap nonetheless.

    Here is a link to the discussion on that forum if anyone is interested.

    Pre 38 shoulder strap with oakleaf ? - Hitler Youth Forum
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    HJ/BDM/DJ Collections  

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