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HJ/BDM/DJ Collections

Article about: darin modest thanks for those better pics very good for future reff! my scottish freind nice cloth proficiancy badge did you get anything hj at the leeds fair?? heres my latest hj item a 7 f

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    Great boards Frank! I really love the early ones! Collect more of these please :-) haha.

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    My humble cap collection ( All RZM caps accept for one, the 2nd one on the left bottom) :

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    Enough to equip your own Kameradeschaft Kurt!

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    Superb collection, magnifique.
    Best regards from Alsace , France.

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    THank you very much for those kind comments! I'm really proud of it!

    But I still astonished that less people are interested in the one button late war caps.. I found 2 of them on a website still for sale!!
    These are ultra rare as you can see them on the last pictures of Hitler.. Can't remember earlier pictures of these caps in wear?

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    Here is my BDM Sports shirt. It is a nice large size.


    HJ/BDM/DJ Collections
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    The first additions for 2013. A nice copy of a period photo book "Die Jugend Des Fuhrers Adolf Hilter". A handmade "LBA" cuff title (this is the item photographed in the book "Youth Led By Youth"). An Ausweis from Bann 256 and a drivers insignia from the same boy, I bought the Motor HJ shoulder straps from this grouping some time ago, so it's nice to put this little group back together. An H.J. Feuerwehrschar insignia, hard to find a good original example in the sea of fakes. Lastly a D.J. strap from Jungbann 767 Dickisch of Gebiet West/Moselland.
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    A nice pick up Darin

    Any chance of a peek inside the Ausweis ?

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Here's the LBA cuff title with a pair of straps that I also have. The straps are made from Bann 257 Alfeld Striefendienst straps flipped over and handsewn with the L.B.A. designation. Period photos show this was a practice done by students of the schule. Interestingly the first L.B.A. schule was also located in Alfeld.
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    A couple of more recent adds.
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