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HJ/BDM/DJ Collections

Article about: darin modest thanks for those better pics very good for future reff! my scottish freind nice cloth proficiancy badge did you get anything hj at the leeds fair?? heres my latest hj item a 7 f

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    Quote by maximus71 View Post
    Here is the rest of my Ausweis as requested, let me know if you want to see more of the medical bag or anything else
    Attachment 505404Attachment 505403Attachment 505405Attachment 505406
    nice used Ausweis there mate! yes please show all in detail

    JMM please do mate!

    Tom some lovely additions there mate please show the markings of your hj honour badge if you will

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    Here is more of my BDM medical bag along with a period photo of item in use
    HJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ Collections

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    nice item! with good pictures for future collector reference, what this whole thread is about imo, all original all the time, i love the photo!

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    A couple of additions lately. Still collecting H.J. Shoulder Straps but being more selective about them now as I have amassed quite a few at this point. First picture is a set of Nachrichten (Signals) for an Oberrottenfuhrer of Bann 834 Lubbeck of the West-Westphalia Gebiet with war volunteer assignment. The set came from EbayDE, as I still find some good items on Ebay but there is a lot of competition. Second and third photo are a wonky looking handmade armband that I'm not positive on but I like the look and feel of it in hand. Always looking for more H.J. and D.J. shoulder straps of interest.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture HJ/BDM/DJ Collections   HJ/BDM/DJ Collections  

    HJ/BDM/DJ Collections  

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    i got a nice set coming soon hey, a nice fuhrer ausweis with much history in it, good few promotions etc also with it is a 833 nachrichten strap to an oberkameradschaftsfuhrer, both have had bad storage and match in wear/stains, still a nice little pair

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    Quote by Carfin LEWYS View Post

    Nice "Kreissieger médal" & first class photos.
    Best regards from Alsace , France.
    hello carfin, could you please show your DJ boy in detail from your OUTSTANDING collection in this thread? aswell as any other hj items!

    best regards,Ewan

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    Latest arrival, from Weitze. Not cheap but his offerings normally aren't. At least his service is top notch from my experience. Difficult to find Oberbann 5 straps, they were only used for a short time period.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture HJ/BDM/DJ Collections  

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    Hi Evan & Darin,

    Darin, your HJ collection is absolutely fabulous, thank you for sharing.

    Evan, OK I will start the détail photos soon.

    Here some general pics.
    Best regards from Alsace , France.

    HJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ Collections

    HJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ Collections

    HJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ Collections

    HJ/BDM/DJ CollectionsHJ/BDM/DJ Collections

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    Carfin thank you!

    some very nice items there!

    your collection is better than alot of museums!


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    I started a seperate thread for this one but I figured I will post it here also, my new pick up
    HJ/BDM/DJ Collections

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