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HJ Sharp Shooters Badge

Article about: hope you like it... Annoyed from this ads?   marking M1/63

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    Default HJ Sharp Shooters Badge

    hope you like it...HJ Sharp Shooters BadgeHJ Sharp Shooters Badge
    marking M1/63

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    Circuit advertisement HJ Sharp Shooters Badge
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    looks ok

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    Never seen one with that pin attachment and a painted diamond instead of enamel. I would not buy. Best wait for other opinions.

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    ok. so we wait then...

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    still waiting or

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    i am a HJ collector,i may be able to help.painted membership pins/shooters pins were produced late war,.i have never seen a sharpshooters badge with a painted diamond,but they are out there,.i noticed the condition of the badge is very poorly made,.& i can see casting marks & pitting on the rear,..i am trying to find some more information on this badge for you,.i can get back to you in a day or two if you still want to find out if it is genuine?? i know some collectors who will know immediately,so let me know,...


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    though personally i wouldn't touch it,save your $$$ for a nicer piece,one you are more cirtain about its origionallity,.but thats just my personal opinion.i am awaiting a reply from a fellow HJ collector who will know more about painted zinc HJ sharpshooter badges.if you are still interested in knowing more about this badge?? hang tight & i will get you a reply soon.


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    Thanks of your opinion. I will wait... i bought that, but i can send it back and get something else. Maybe not painted... but this is how we learn. not best way to learn, but still. And maybe it is real, maybe little rare. I hope your friend knows more.

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    i will get back to you soon mate,.it has a 50%/50% chance at the moment,M1/63 badges of all types are faked,but yours still has a good chance.


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    hi timpe emailed your photos to two collectors one being a respected HJ collector & i agree with them after studying the badge,& comparing your badge to other zinc painted examples,& i done a little have a genuine late war zinc badge,not very rare though were made in smaller numbers than the enamel badges,.a little advice for future reference stick with enamel badges & do some research,. you can stick with M1/63 they are a good maker of the scharfschutze & meisterschutze badges,though if you are planning on focusing on a HJ shooting badge collection,.start small with basic HJ Schützen Abzeichen M1/63 (Steinhauer & luck,Ludenscheid) & M1/77 (forster & barth,Pforzheim) then move up to the scharfschutze (sharpshooter) & meisterschutze (master shot) gold & silver enamel badges,.M1/63 M1/120,.


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