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HJ Trommel (drum) Sonor

Article about: This may be a HJ drum but it could easily not be. These were used before, during and after the Nazi period. Why is there advertising in this post?? Yes, it IS annoying!!

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    Wizardman.. I cant help but to ask about the diameter.. seeing the rims, its probally smaller than i initially suspected..Is it under 32cm ?

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    I havent checked mate, but it isnt what i would call the strings l believe are period,they match the all round appearance..the drum came from an elderly mans house in Germany,he claimed to have had since the war..thats all the details i have

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    ok.. just so you know, lots of drums where also produced in "kids sizes" for the aspiring solders of future generations. Still military design, but just downsized.. thats why i ask..

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    The snare catgut strings usually broke/ they where repaired with common string.. i will take a pic when time permits..

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    Thanks mate..ill measure it in the next few days and take some better just a little unwell at the moment

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    Hope your feeling better my friend.. Just some background info on your drum . Johannes Link patended the Sonor brand in 1907. During the depression productioned slowed , but due to large government contracts, things pickd up in the mid 30's. His son Otto ran the company by then i believe. They supplied around half the drums purchased by the Wehrmacht. They coninuted making instruments until wars end in 45.. Business resumed several years after, around 1950 they where refurbishing old drums, then a introducing new line of jazz drums.. Sometimes you see a new looking Sonor that has pre 45 characteristics.. This could be a factory reburbished unit or done privately. Yours obviously has not been refurbished.. The Sonor label changed in the 50' also.. Yours is the older design.. Its tough trying to identify musical instruments . Lots of folks out there have differnet opinions about instuments and production dates....

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