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Klatterjacket (bdm)

Article about: Just an update chaps,believe it or not but this jacket did not go for "peanuts". It went for 231.00!!!!! Ouch, no insignia and missing three buttons, my top offer was 90.00( and

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    Just an update chaps,believe it or not but this jacket did not go for "peanuts". It went for 231.00!!!!! Ouch, no insignia and missing three buttons, my top offer was 90.00( and i thought that was generous!). Hey Ho, good luck to the winner!!

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    I've been looking for a good example of one of these for about 6 months, but been too distracted by helmets. There is currently a kletterweste on the collector's guild and another on RBNR militaria with a partial RZM tag. I have only seen three original white shirts, they are pretty rare, but not impossible to find.


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    Hi Cory, earlier in this thread i was tipped off to a couple of dealers selling super set ups,at bit pricey but nice.Ebay germany has a complete jacket that looks a good one to me (as far as you can tell from the pics) and it is a buy it now at about 400.00. as i recall. That's fair enough but 300.00+ for a stripped tunic????. Leon.

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    I saw in the completed listings on eBay Germany about 5 originals that have sold recently, 2 of them had period insignia including the RZM label. The prices were really good. Complete examples with the diamond, triangle, and RZM are a good buy anywhere below $600.00. In my opinion they are not worth buying unless they have period sewn insignia. I wouldn't spend good money on a stripped jacket with post war added original diamond and triangle. I have had one of these jackets on my want list for a long time, but I keep shuffling it to the bottom. This one would have been perfect, it is just the right cut and the price can't be beat. Is this the one you were talking about?


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    Here is another nice one offered by Emig. Insignia may possibly be reapplied but done correctly, RZM label is there but washed out.
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    Hi Cory,yeah that was the one,a very nice example at a sensible price!! Leon.

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    you will be ''hard pushed'' to find one of these that are not restored now they always seem to have nice bright diamonds on them a dead give away i think, some i have seen triangle matches the jacket and again a bright diamond insignia the restorers dealers/collectors are just buying the first piece they see which is a mint one and using them!

    these were well worn after the war ended as clothes and things were in very short supply as you would expect so the insignias was removed and used as usual i also think this is how we see alot less bdm shirts skirts etc

    of course its just my 2 pence worth

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    That is very true on the jackets. BDM skirts and summer blouses are difficult to find. I have been looking for a full outfit for a nearly a year and only twice have I seen a full set online. One of them sold in a matter of hours being listed. The other reached a very large sum on an auction site. The kletterweste, ski pants, sports shirts and shorts you can find without much effort.

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    check the one john vastine sold at the link (still a nice price imo) look at the 6th picture in i think it shows the diamond dont belong there, someones done the opposite of my comment above and added a dirty aged diamond to a near mint kletterweste! the lining is mint the rzm tag is mint and the button shot shows its not worn much, i think this piece could have the triangle that was originally for that jacket !

    emigs rzm tag above looks well worn and a million times washed but the insignia dont!

    there is a website in europe i think france that had a white summer blouse for something like 600 euros and the original bdm rock with rzm tag 750 euro both pieces mint and selling separate i can not remember the address now and they were on there a long time!

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