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Klatterjacket (bdm)

Article about: Just an update chaps,believe it or not but this jacket did not go for "peanuts". It went for 231.00!!!!! Ouch, no insignia and missing three buttons, my top offer was 90.00( and

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    Hello all,i've seen this BDM jacket on ebay and i'm 99% sure that it is a period peice. I am very interesed in haveing a go at this one so i thought i would run it past you guys for confirmation and peace of mind!! The only problem i can see with it is that it is missing three buttons. P.S. If anyone else is having a bid on this one send me a personel e-mail as there is no point in any of us bidding each other to the sky!
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    Default Re: Klatterjacket (bdm)

    I was watching it but unsure do to lack of stamp or tags. I do like the material and buttons however. I will back down, not a must have at this time. Good luck friend!

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    Yeah i know what you mean about the tags,i may be wrong but we'rnt these also available as "private purchase" during the war in which case they may not have labels present? Thanks for letting me know about your intentions,we will see how it goes!!

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    The lining and material look correct from the photos shown. These are not too difficult to find in this condition, so don't overpay.

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    for me, it is orignal, I am like FRANKBOOTH, it's easy to find, not panzer....

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    I also agree that this is likely a period jacket. As previously stated, these are very common. Why spend money on a piece missing butons and the insignia? If this was my decision, I would wait and find a complete jacket that is intact. Even if you eventualy find the buttons and insignia, it will always be a put togehter piece.


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    Your absolutly right Bob,but i don't have one and if it went for peanuts i'd have it! That said if you know of one complete and for sale anywhere i would be interested in having a look. Oh by the way lebus12,what about if i were to put a 50 panzerkampfabzeichen on it and spray it with a few black stipes to make it look like a TIGER? Do you think it would then make it rarer? LOL. Thanks for your input guys.

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    a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush,go for it. ps its not mine.

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    Default Re: Klatterjacket (bdm)

    Check veteran's footlocker. There is a complete BDM Kletterveste and trousers listed at 600 USD. Virtual Grenadier has a complete uniform with the white blouse, kletterveste, scarf and knot, and trousers listed at 950 USD.

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    Default Re: Klatterjacket (bdm)

    Thanks for that tip off frankbooth.I just may have a go at one of these when i have enough money,both nice items!

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