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What have go got here?

Article about: Is this junk, as in fake? Even if it's real it's pretty rough... pics don't look like any of the armbands I've searched here. Not that interested, but trying to learn something. Asking price

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    IMO the armband is period, but with the condition issues best that it was passed on. For less than double that price a nicer example can be found. Just my opinion.

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    Great advice, thx ;-)

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    The thread can be used to educate and inform other collectors.

    Can we please have a sensible and coherent discussion about whether or not this armband is original or fake because that is what the thread is about.

    We are not here to debate who's feelings are hurt or not or who wants to be here or who doesn't and who likes the comments and who doesn't and how the seller might feel if told it's a fake or who's time is being wasted.

    In fact I feel like getting wasted after reading this thread.

    If you think it's a fake please say so and explain your reasoning. If you think it's a genuine armband please say so and explain your reasons.

    If you want to discuss how you feel get a Facebook page or Twitter account and tell the world. Please don't clog up a militaria forum with self pitying remarks.

    No-one is making anyone be here against their will. If you don't want to participate then don't. It isn't a statutory requirement.

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    Oh, for Pete's sake...

    The subject of the armband itself was run into the ground a long time ago I thought (although this page was nice again for a change).

    I've already asked this thread be closed by a mod, on the last page.

    And no offense, but while you post about what threads should be, and shouldn't be about... "discussing how you feel", and in this very same post you are mentioning know how you feel?

    Again, I'm asking this thread be closed.
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    Copy of the text and a photo from "Youth Led By Youth". I note this the armband shown in the beginning of this thread has a "narrow" white band, but from the photos posted here the stripe appears to be woven. Although not a "textbook" RZM pattern armband, there are variations from the norm with H.J. cloth items in some cases. An item like this is not for someone that just wants an H.J. armband for a collection as it is a non RZM variety, the regulations are very specific. These are the reasons I think the armband is period. Again just my opinion based on my own research and experience with H.J. cloth items. BTW I own the last armband shown in the page I posted from the book, it's by no means standard or of quality manufacture, but in hand appears to very much be a period item.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What have go got here?  

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    Well done Frank. From the other branch examples, I.e early Sa, SS, etc. this armband compares well. It is also a known published example, but just not as common as the multi-piece hj armbands. However, in the examples that do exist of this variant; IMO this armband posted by the OP compares well. I personal feel it is original, uncommon, but to much for the condition that it is in. This is just my opinion.

    Btw, I apologize for my prior post, it's been a long day. "Going to the Cheesecake Factory to have a drink!" Lol
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    Hey, thx guys. I appreciate the info, and the work you put into the post/s.

    Did never mean to rile anyone by saying something about the info being confusing, it is what it is and things happen. However I always welcome good info on any subject, so no hard feelings over what was said earlier.

    I had a feeling the armband was a homemade variety... I had imagined someone making this at home, with his mom (or dad) at the sewing machine, all those years ago. It is obvious that it was a lot of work to make, so that never gave me the impression of a fake. Unfortunately it is in pretty soiled and stained condition, but it probably still deserves to be on a collectors shelf somewhere.

    I think what's appealing to me about the band at this point is that I would pretty much know with certainty that it is a period item, and that it is a bit unusual.

    As far as my collection goes, I don't have any cloth items. I have in the past, but in my new era of collecting I have none, nor am I very actively looking for any. Nor do I have any HJ items. I've had a knife or two in the past, and a few other trinkets, but again not pursuing this area of collecting for a couple reasons. Prices are pretty high... and there are too many fakes to even think about it. One thing I can honestly say is that I have not one item that I am not 100% sure about, and I plan to keep it that way.

    When I first asked about the band, I didn't know a thing about it. I initially suspected it was HJ, but I had to research it some just to post in the right forum.

    I'm hoping future posts will be pleasant, fun and informative.

    Thx again and Happy Hunting, all.

    And a [late in the day] Happy Father's day to all the Dads on the site ;-)

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    homemade variety??

    This is not as you say homemade.
    It is a style of manufacture.
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    Default re: What have go got here?

    Threads do not get closed for no good reason. Everyone has the opportuntity to participate on them and this one will remain open to discuss an armband.

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    Quote by Doppelgänger View Post

    I had a feeling the armband was a homemade variety...
    Afraid not. Homemade armbands have a very distinctive "look" about them, (See the included image taken from this forum thread) and are certainly not weaved in this fashion.

    What have go got here?

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