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youth cap ?

Article about: is it genuine ?

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    Default youth cap ?

    youth cap ?youth cap ?youth cap ?

    is it genuine ?

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    Circuit advertisement youth cap ?
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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    I am not a German collector but I dont like this leather part at the buckle.Hope this will help!

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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    i have seen pics with the leather strap

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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    caps bad to the bone mate, insignia looks as if it ''might'' stand a chance but much better pictures of it front and back are needed

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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    I agree with Ewan. Better pics are needed. I've have never seen the buckle assembly look this way.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture youth cap ?  
    Attached Images Attached Images youth cap ? 

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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    Definitely a civilian cap dressed up to look like a HJ cap. Note the lack of a RZM label in the top.


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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    Don't take my word for it, though. I'm no expert on these. I would take my colleagues words for it, however.

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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    Quote by Dean View Post
    I agree with Ewan. Better pics are needed. I've have never seen the buckle assembly look this way.
    the repros above with the leather bill are trying to replicate a hj winter mutze! ( originals are tagged and mostly have RZM on the small front buckles, i would not trust any other examples

    the one below with small cloth bevo insignia is a hj flak helpers cap to the collector! mind you it could also be a flieger hj winter cap because you dont show the side of that one!

    only difference on the flieger to the flak cap is the flieger one has grommet vents to the sides and an HJ/DJ dienst mutze RZM tag, whare as flaks are RnB numbered and no vents as these are later pieces!

    you will find a few flak helpers caps before the flieger winter cap crosses your path USUALLY !

    caveat emptor my friends...

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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    just found these on the webyouth cap ?youth cap ?

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    Default Re: youth cap ?

    The RZM regulations are clear on this, no leather around the bill is mentioned. I have seen a period photo with this type of cap in wear by an H.J. member, but definitely not regulation. It is a civilian cap with an H.J. member pin, impossible to prove it was worn during the period IMO. These so called H.J. caps show up on Ebay and dealer sites all the time, but for me it's impossible to prove a cap in this style was worn during the period. The photo of the last cap shown is a dressed up civilian ski cap still in use even today in this style. For me, I would stick to regulation caps only, as the only questions I like to answer about items if deciding to sell later down the road are "how much?", and "what form of payment do you want?"
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture youth cap ?  

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