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Early J.A.Henckels

Article about: Hi guys, Just bought this Hj knife. I`m still waiting for the postie to arrive, but here are sellers pics Its an early J.A.Henckels, common maker I know, but an early knife in pretty good w

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    Default new pics

    Hi guys,

    Some more pics of the knife and handle.
    I can nat se any signs of tampering with the diamond. It fits well and I think it wiggles just a tiny tiny bit.
    enamel is perfect.
    The knife has 2 issues as far as I can tell. The leather "bufer" has been replaced and it may have a minor tip issue ??
    What do you think ??
    In this codition, what would the right price have been to pay for it ?? Just to get an idea if I done good or bad

    Early J.A.HenckelsEarly J.A.HenckelsEarly J.A.HenckelsEarly J.A.HenckelsEarly J.A.HenckelsEarly J.A.HenckelsEarly J.A.Henckels

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    Hi Marc..Looks great even better now .

    These can range in pricing from $300 to near $1400 ..depending upon who is selling it. Mac66 or Gerrit could give a better thoughts on overall value..but Im leaning on a $1000 value.

    The motto and the blade condition are the most important..I have seen grey blades being in the $700 range with faint mottos. Your example appears the blade has been cleaned..but the motto is still quite striking .

    You have done well ! Wait for Mac and Ger to chime in also..Im sure they would agree also.

    Regards Larry
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    Hi Marc,

    Notice that there is no gaps between the diamond & grip recess, the diamond fits perfectly inside the griplate diamond recess thus making it harder to have any wiggle movement, i have noticed this many times before & that is why some diamonds do not move or have very little movement, blade tip looks a little worn but hey its a knife that was used by the Hj kid so do not worry about it, got to be worth at least 450 - 500 euros max in this very nice condition with a clear motto !!, some people/dealers may ask for more but the market is soft at the moment.

    Regards Mac 66.

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    I guess I did allright then with 480 euros "all in" .

    Thanks guys, Im very pleased with it myself.


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    A good early hj knife


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