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Fake HJ Knife

Article about: by Mac 66 Ned i,m sorry to say but these griplates you call late war celluloid are imo post war replacements, the knife you show with these celluloid griplates looks to me like the rivets ha

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    Quote by Stickgrenade View Post
    Mac , I hope you dont mean your leaving this forum !

    You are one of the true HJ knife experts I have followed, learned from and bought from!

    Hi Nick, i am only done with this thread mate, i like this entire forum & people have helped me on here with my other collecting interests ect,ect., if i can help another collector on a subject i will to the best of my knowledge, i really had to hold myself back on here before i typed some words that would have got me banned but my thoughts on the posted hj knife were correct so some people need to STOP, LOOK & THINK before the type there opinions that are false with NO experience on this subject & follow on like sheep, i,m not a total expert in this field but have learned myself with hands on experience from early hj knifes to late war knifes & have handled repro griplates & repair rivets which there is different types of each & i learn new stuff as i go on from other helpful collectors.

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    Quote by Mac 66 View Post
    .......... the diamond insignia will rock, wiggle, click ok in the replaced griplate as its only held in place with 2 bent over tangs when fitted into the griplate recess.
    I have no argument with the above statement by Mac 66 which is true, but (regrettably) is also one that has been used by some in the TR "business" to justify items as being completely legitimate period artifacts.

    "............. emblem is the exact size, shape and quality as the standard HJ diamond and is properly pinned, not glued into the grip plate, and "wiggles" to the touch..........". Said emblem not being one of the blue diamonds sometimes encountered - but a green one.

    With the attached X-Ray image showing a hat pin type emblem in a grip plate that "wiggles to the touch". FP
    Attached Images Attached Images Fake HJ Knife 

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